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The Parlor Magic Show

For the Smaller Audience

The parlor show is ideal for audience size between at least 10 and 60+ people. The idea of the Parlor show is to be performed in a small to medium size venue that enables the magical entertainer to fully interact with the audience compared to the larger stage shows. The length of a parlor show is usually 30 to 45min long but a show can be even an hour long depending on the type of entertainment that is being performed. a great thing about parlor shows are that they can be tailored to any specific requirement. whether its for acharity event, corporate event or anything else.

Stage Shows

For the Larger Audience

Stage shows are ideal for the big event that host hundreds of guests. The performance is normally 10 to 20 minutes long. We can tailor the performance depending on the needs of the client. The great thing is that we have designed the show to be a mixed variety of magic from conjuring, manipulation, illusions and all the way to audience participation. We will have the audience engaged and amazed throughout and we can also offer additional services or requests if needed. Be it Dinner Parties, Corporate Events, Conventions, Shows, Private Parties or any other gathering that requires clever and intriguing entertainment for your guests, our team can make it happen.

Magic Tour

Enjoy Entertainment in your City

Are you bored of staying in every night? Are you looking for an evening of magic entertainment with a splash of comedy and illusion? Great because We have a great show that will have you entertained and amazed throughout with a hint of cheeky comedy added to the mix.

Every year a fantastic Variety Magic Show is put on with fellow entertainers that travel up and down the UK & Ireland. This is a show to see and a show to remember.



Tour Details and ticket prices: TBC - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic All Shows for 2020 have been postponed until further notice.

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