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Magic is a fantastic way to get your message across to your clients, future clients, share holders / investors and not to forget about your employees and management teams.

What makes us unique from all the other competitors is that we have an actual background & knowledge of the corporate industry with over 15 years of experience. Our Main Entertainer Mark Roberts comes from a retail background and was a successful business development manager.

Here are some good reasons to choose a Corporate Magician that will certainly make an impact on your future clients and will out shine the competition.

  1.  Attract, Intrigue & Capture the attention of your passing clients.
  2.   Have potential clients interacting with your team by the use of magic and illusion communication.
  3.  Creating a positive and exciting influence that will have people wanting to visit your brand.
  4.  Make your brand stand out from the competition.
  5.  Motivate your team to interact with clients to drive the business sales.
  6.  Increase the foot traffic at your stand and keep them at your stand instead of the competitions.
  7.  Deliver your product, brand and company Message with a unique presentation.
  8.  Includes your company name and logo by incorporating it within the magic at every possible opportunity.
  9.  Gain more media publicity to your stand as we will increase your social media presence on various platforms.
  10.  Corporate Magic can improve public relations by connecting people.
  11.  Sell more of your products or services.


Entertainment while you dine.

Nothing more enjoyable than having a meal while being entertained. Magic at a table offers a great conversation peace during and after the performance. It also allows the magician to get to know your guests and allows them to encourage people to take part and be part of the magic to. When hosting a business dinner we can fill the gap from when people are waiting for their meal to the end of their dessert. This is a common and popular choice and we can supply more than one magician depending on the size/volume of your event.


Promote your product in style

Looking for a way to deliver your product/ brand to your clients or to attract even more new potential clients than before? Well a unique way to deliver your brand and to make your business stand out from the competitors is to have the power of magical entertainment to deliver your message.

This is great because the power of magical entertainment can bring people together as we will incorporate your product into a magical routine or effect that will have your brand stand out from all your other competitors. If its at a trade stand or even at an expo event we can create and design a performance on or off stage.

We can Entertain at any event for example;

  1. Cabaret
  2. Training Seminars
  3. Conferences
  4. Product Launches
  5. Gala Dinners
  6. Receptions
  7. Trade Shows
  8. Exhibitions
  9. Golf Days
  10. Sporting Events
  11. Office Party/ Dinners


Go that extra step.

Corporate events should be fun and exciting for all who attend. So why not hire a highly skilled close-up magician to do just that? With over 20 years of experience performing at numerous corporate events a close up magician will add that extra touch of magic, that will have people wanting more. So you could play it safe and have a standard corporate event that no one really enjoyed that much, or you could have a corporate event that is so good it becomes the highlight of the year.


Big or Small Events

It doesn't matter how big or small your event is we will make it a memorable one. For large events, we call upon a highly skilled team of trusted magicians to help spread the magic and ensure everyone gets a piece of the action! If your event is spread over a number of days we have got you covered.


Corporate Magic Show.

A must thing to have these days at any event is a live magic show for all to enjoy. We have a specially designed and customisable show for any occasion where we can also integrate your business brand, theme or message into a 20/30min show. This show is usual at a gala dinner or an awards evening but if you require something else then contact us today to discuss more options.


Close Up Magic is Great for:

Company milestones, award evenings, hospitality, drinks receptions, team building, product launches and Christmas parties!

You’re in safe hands! So let our team create some fantastic and memorable moments to ensure your next corporate event is unforgettable!



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