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Having a Close-Up magician is the perfect ice-breakerparty starter, guest pleaser and a special surprise for all to enjoy. It doesnt matter how big or small your event is, by having a professional magician entertain your guest for 1 or 2 hours will be an unforgettable experiance for any occasion.

With over 20 years professional experience performing all over the Uk, Ireland and other parts of the world, you will know you made the right choice by paying for the very best.

Contact info@coremagic.uk for more details.

Dinner Magic

Close Up Wedding Magician

Walk around, Mix & Mingle Magic & Close up Magic

Mixing & Mingling at any event will always happen where you get to meet old friends and family you haven't seen in a while. You might even meet new and interesting people that you have never met before. This is the time where you will find people getting drinks, stood round for some time while they are waiting to have there pictures taken. Or you are just waiting for others to arrive before the main meal or other big activity that has been planned for a specific time to begin. With Close up magic it's a great way to to get people to mix and mingle and generally have some fun with amazing magic being performed up close and personal.

Unexpected Delays?

During any event not everything goes to plan all the time and things will get delayed for some unexpected reason. But don't worry that's one of the benefits of having a magician at your event. The magician is able to carry on entertaining your guests until the delay or problem is resolved and everything is back on track.


Close-up magic is the perfect entertainment – whatever your party. Let me mingle with your guests and leave them speechless with a tailored selection of jaw-dropping tricks.

As well as countless Christmas parties, I’ve performed at thousands of 18th, 21st, and 40th birthday (and all the numbers in between) parties. Even a 90th! That’s the best thing about magic… it’s adaptable to any situation and any age group.

And if it’s a family get-together with guests that span the generations, I can adapt the tricks to different groups so know one is ever left out.

So if you want to host a party to remember, invest in a party magician that can get your celebration started. You can trust me to create an atmosphere where everyone is having so much fun they won’t want the party to end.

So why not show off by Contacting the Team today!


Go that extra step.

Corporate events should be fun and exciting for all who attend. So why not hire a highly skilled close-up magician to do just that? With over 20 years of experiance performing at numerous corporate events over the years from corporate dinners to big corporate shows a close up magician will add that extra touch of magic that will have people wanting more. So you could play it safe and have a standard corporate event that know one really enjoys that much or you could have a corporate event that is so good it becomes the highlight in peoples busy schedules each and every year.

Big or Small Events

It doesnt matter how big or small your event is we will be sure to make it a memorable one. For large events, we call upon a hightly skilled team of trusted magicians to help spread the magic and ensure everyone gets a piece of the action! If your event is spead over a number of days we have got you covered.

Corporate Magic Show.

A must thing to have these days at any event is to have a live magic show for all to enjoy. We have a specially designed and customisable performance for any occasion, where we can also intergrate your business brand, theme or message into a 20/30min show. This show is usually at a gala dinner or an award evenings but if you require something else then contact us today to discuss more options.

Close Up Magic is Great for:

Company milestones, award evenings, hospitality, drinks receptions, team building, product launches and Christmas parties!

You’re in safe hands! So let our team create some fantastic and memorable moments to ensure your next corporate event is unforgettable!