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The Power of Magic & Entertainment

Magic has to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world that has stood the test of time. With the likes of Mark Roberts Magician and others the art form of magic continues to grow and expand all the time. Having a Magician perform at any type of event is always a good choice and that people will always remember the magicians more than they would with a singer, dance or musician. Only for the face that magician as a unique ability in connecting people in multiple levels and emotion.

in this website you will find all sorts of information needed to make your choice as in to what type of magic you require for your event. But don't worry if your still unsure and need assistance then you can contact one if the team at coremagic.uk to help you choose.

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Wedding Magician
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Magic Show
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Corporate Magician
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Close-Up Magic
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Entertaining your Guests, Clients or Employees is our Specialty.

From Trade Shows, Gala, Conventions, Conferences, Banquet presentations, Meetings, Awards-Night, Cocktail parties, Christmas Parties, Business Events, Corporate Events, Team Motivational Seminars and more...

We will entertain your Guests as we deliver your company message across to your future clients. We can help motivate your employees to drive the business forward with motivational discussions and exercises. Or we can enhance your cocktail party with some comedy and magic.

Make sure to contact our Team to find out more...

The Magician Promo Video

Watch as Close up Magician Mark Roberts amazes with this short demonstration of his skills in magic and cardistry. More content can be found on social media posts.