Walk around / Mix & Mingle Magic

Don't Just Stand there be Entertained.

Mix & Mingle magic is a great way to entertain your guests while they are waiting for the 'main event'. It is also a great ice breaker. Instead of your guest hanging around in silence they will be brought together and entertained by one of our talented magicians.

Unexpected Delays?

During any event not everything goes to plan all the time and things will get delayed for some unexpected reason. That, however is one of the benefits of having a magician at your event. The magician is able to carry on entertaining your guests until the delay or problem is resolved and everything is back on track.

Table Hopping Magic

Enjoy Entertainment while enjoying your meal.

Nothing more enjoyable than having a meal while being entertained. Magic at a table offers a great conversational peace during and after the performance. It also allows the magician to get to know your guests and allows him to encourage people to take part and be part of the magic to.

Theme Weddings !

Customized magic to fit your theme

Most people dream about having a traditional white wedding. However there are a select few who prefer the alternative. Theme weddings are becoming more and more popular. We can cater for pretty much anything that is suggested to us and if we are given a decent time frame and budget we can make that dream come true. We have performed at numerous theme weddings. For example; Frozen, Fantasia, Bugzy Malone, Bollywood, Halloween Horror Show & Steam punk, etc. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate a small show or one specific illusion that with fit in with your theme wedding.

Add an Illusion

Go that extra step

Think back to the last wedding that you had attended and see if you can recall anything different about that wedding to a normal traditional standard wedding. Having a magician performing close up and amazing magic is a must. Why not think about taking it that little bit further by having a specialised illusion added into you special day. This usual ties in with the theme wedding category and is becoming one of the most popular entertainment options to have at a wedding.

Making it a reality?

No matter how big or small your Ideas / dreams, we will do our very best to make it come true. Book a free consultation meeting at a location of your choosing.

Costs and Time Frames

As every wedding is unique in its own way, we like to make sure we give the very best in every performance. Tthis will take time, preparation and planning. We recommend that you enquire well in advance and not at short notice as this will make it very difficult to achieve and could incur extra charges.

So you're now thinking to yourself how much is this going to cost?

When people think of illusions they automatically think of a grand Las Vegas Illusion that's going to cost hundreds of thousands You would be wrong, our costs are set to a reasonable price range depending on what you are looking for.

Package Deal

Mix & Match Option

This is a great option that we supply to people who are looking to add a number of different types of magic into their event. We offer a reasonable price range to suit your needs and if you are working on a budget, we can help you get the best package available to you. We also offer pre payment plans to help spread the cost leading up to your special day.